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Sometimes it is the simplest touch that touches the heart. We strive to make sure that you are taken care of, no matter the weather or situation, because when you are cared for by us, you are family.


Aftercare Support

When the funeral is over,        
you'll find we have only just begun to care.

For every family we serve, our Aftercare Coordinator keeps a calendar of important dates.  Every week through the year, she strives to see that two or more of us share in an opportunity to remember those we have served with a card, a call or a visit. On difficult days like Mother's Day or Christmas, she mails especially helpful materials as well.

At holiday time the Aftercare Coordinator invites our families and the entire community to our Handling The Holidays program. Every month, Conley Funeral Home also hosts Friendship Night at Conley Outreach where bereaved adults from throughout the area gather for an evening of friendship and refreshment. This informal support group is facilitated by our therapist and aftercare coordinator. In addition, Conley Outreach maintains contact with a number of other support groups for referral and offers an extensive bereavement library.

Executor Support Program (ESP)
Places to go. People to see. Things to do. When you must suddenly be the executor of a loved one's estate, the list of responsibilities can be overwhelming. That is why we created the Executor Support Program. We may not know what you are thinking, but experience gives us a pretty good idea of what you need to do. Shortly after the funeral, we will introduce you to a very useful planner to help organize yourself. Our E.S.P. Director will see to it that Social Security is notified and all applications for veterans and insurance benefits are completed. She can help you create and order any type of monument or cemetery marker and she keeps a database of "people, places, and things" to help you with dozens of other tasks.

Specialists in bereavement counseling since 1983, Conley Outreach offers individual and family counseling for adults and children. "The Family Circle" , a free service of Conley Outreach, helps families take stock of their needs and take charge of their lives by learning to take charge of their grief. Individual therapy is available on a moderately sliding scale and members of any family are always welcome to ask questions or express concerns to our therapist at any time.

The Little Extras
It is often that when we experience a death it is hard to feel, act, and think of everything at the same time. That is where we come in. We take detailed notes and think things through with you and your family in mind.

Practical things like:

  • Ways to keep track of people who bring food, send flowers, etc.
  • Bereavement fares and accommodations for traveling family members
  • A detailed summary of what we are doing, not just what it costs
  • Delivering flowers where they can be appreciated after the funeral
  • Thoughtful procession parking
  • Car washing arrangements
  • Warming or cooling your vehicle to a comfortable temperature so it is ready for you after the funeral
  • Procession arrangements past family lands and special places
  • Transmitting the committal service to handicapped friends or relatives at the cemetery and/or back at the church or funeral home

Personal Things Like:

  • Someone always at our door to welcome every friend that comes, and thanks them when they leave
  • A time, place and a person to help children and parents face grief together
  • Special helpful instructions for pall bearers and providing for their transportation
  • Time to be alone with your thoughts and feelings
  • Time to think things through and to do what you need to do
  • Concrete suggestions, compassionate compromises, complete responsibility

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