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At-Need Services

Funeral Home, Staff and Services
Our facilities offer a rare home-like environment. The funeral home was, for many years, our family residence and we have kept the character from the classic natural woodwork to our antique furnishings. The lower level includes a large children's center, kitchen/coffee area and a family room with couches and chairs for a moment's peace and relaxation. The first floor includes several seating areas for visiting and both a public and a private casket viewing arrangement. Our landscape affords more visiting areas strewn through flowered green spaces where friends can gather in old fashioned back yard comfort. Our front porch is easily accessible from the family room and also affords a fresh air get-away for family and friends.

Comprehensive care means that, in addition to the funeral directors, we have a staff of care givers that includes a child bereavement specialist, a full time therapist, and a caring "family" of assistants committed to thoughtful personal service.

We are pleased to serve you
Winifred A. Conley, L.F.D. Emeritus
Bruce H. Conley, L.F.D.
Benjamin H. Conley, L.F.D.

Our services are creatively designed to suit your needs. We are equally comfortable arranging and managing visitations and/or funeral services in either our funeral home or your church. We especially enjoy working with church groups and have taught many classes for Stephen's Ministry teams and hospice volunteers. Alternative service locations, such as your home or estate, can also be arranged. Whether you require a small private viewing, an intimate committal service, a cremation service or a large public visitation and a funeral, we approach every need with compassion and respect.  From our personal and sensitive obituaries, to our innovative use of music, crafts and family and community participation, we are known for our efforts to arrange and conduct meaningful ceremonies. Whether you choose local or out of state burial, cremation or donation to science, we manage every detail with your exact wishes and personal plans in mind.

Funeral Arrangements
The last "Advance Directive" is to leave your family the gift of guidance. When they must go on without you, what kind of help do you want for them and what do you want them to do for you? Our thoughtful approach to pre-arrangements helps you to think through both your needs and those of your family. We listen to your wishes; discuss a complete array of options and the cost of each; and then make a plan that will give you peace of mind now and your family peace of heart later. When you talk to someone from Conley's about arrangements, your are speaking to a fully licensed and experienced funeral director. Experience makes all the difference. More than half of our pre-need and at-need funeral arrangements are made in family homes. For more than a decade, we've been bringing our computer, selection books and other resources to living rooms and kitchen tables where those we serve are most comfortable. We welcome you also to our residential style arrangement office or the funeral home to make arrangements at any time.

Financial Services
Our Financial Services Coordinator is a caregiver too! She takes the worry our of settling your account with us. She sees to it that you receive the discounts and benefits you deserve and she is specially trained to help you arrange a variety of payment plans. She strives to make good bereavement care affordable and is one very important reason why we believe that everyone can receive the help they deserve when a loved one dies.

CGTO - - - Good-Time Out/Grief Time-Outhildren's Bereavement Programs
Our programs include help from the first call through the funeral and beyond. During " Family Hour" before visitation, children are introduced to the funeral home's children's center. At this time, adults and children together are gently prepared to experience viewing and visitation or whatever manner of services have been arranged. Our Children's Center Director is available to the children throughout the visitation and often during the funeral as well. In our unique environment, most children find it easy to ask questions and to express themselves at this difficult time. GTO — Good-Time Out/Grief Time-Out is a special program for children, ages two to eighteen. Offered six times a year to any child, Good-Time Out/Grief Time-Out helps kids learn good ways to grieve while having fun with others of their own age and life experience. An adult component of the program helps parents learn about children and grief and share their concerns with others who understand.

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