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Advance Directives
Now more than ever, managing your health care means sharing your plans and wishes with those who might need to make decisions for you. We are prepared to provide you with advance directive information: durable power of attorney for health care and a living will, as well as helping you to seek out appropriate medical/legal advice.

You don't need to make all of your funeral arrangements or prepay anything, just to have some protection for your family. Our easy pre-registration program insures that if something happens to you or a family member, Conley's will be called and your family will be notified thoughtfully and carefully. All we need are a few vital statistics and a list of whom to notify in the event of your death. No money. Very little time. A lot of peace of mind.

Guaranteed Pre-Payment Plans
We are as concerned about your costs as you are. Good bereavement care at every level must be affordable both today and tomorrow. With our guaranteed prepayment plans, you won't need to worry. We have worked for years to develop sound relationships with the best funeral funding programs. Our guaranteed payment plans range from lump sum, one time payments to installment arrangements that stretch as much as a decade (yet still cover you fully if something should happen to you in the early years). For those who travel, we even have special plans to cover unexpected expenses that arise when death occurs away from home. ALL of our plans are fully flexible and portable, even transferable to another local or out of state firm, without losing a cent.

Public Aid Assistance
For many families today, the need for public aid assistance with long term nursing care in not uncommon. We can help make the application process easier and we can shelter funds for final expenses so that there are no "surprises" in the future. In addition to educating ourselves on these matters, we also take steps to educate the general public. With the assistance of representatives from area public aid offices, we present periodic programs on public aid and its many facets.

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