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We have finished our testing phase with a program to offer live-streaming video of funeral and memorial services. Our hope is that it will be of service to family and friends who cannot otherwise attend services. If you would like to view a service on-line, just follow these simple instructions for either the Live Streaming Webcast or the delayed On-Demand Video.

Live Streaming Webcast

This service is available only at the date and time (Central Time) of services that will be listed on the Home page. You can tune in about 5 minutes before the service begins.

To connect to the webcast any time during the service just click on the deceased's name.

When you do, Windows Media Player or whatever media player you use, should open up and present the picture in a minute or so. The quality of the picture will depend on whether the church or other location from which we are web-casting has a high speed internet connection available to our camera. IF NOT we can still webcast through a cell connection but the picture will be slow compared to the audio. Our camera technique is not intended to create a polished product for prime time, but rather to allow you visual access to the ongoing service and give you a sense of being there to share in the moment.

Note: After the service you will usually be able to view it at full/normal speed using our On-Demand Video Link, below.

On-Demand (Past Webcasted Services)

When we webcast services we also tape them so that we can encode them for re-broadcast through the on-demand system. This usually takes a few hours or in some cases, overnight. As soon as the video becomes available we'll post it on the website for on-demand viewing.

On-Demand Video Links:



If the On-Demand Video does not display, please try again later. The On-Demand Video will take typically 48 hours after the live service to be posted.

Just click the link with the deceased's name. When you do, Windows Media Player or whatever media player you use, should open up and present the picture in a minute or so. Even if we had to broadcast at slow speed originally, the resulting on-demand video will be at normal speed and should view very nicely.

NOTE: For MAC users , click on this link to access the Microsoft Quick-Time Plug-in to view live webcasts and on-demand videos:
www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=915D874D-D747-4180-A400 -5F06B1B5E559&displaylang=en

For over FIFTY years, we have provided audio tapes for all of our services whether at the funeral home or at church, (and have been the only funeral home we know of, to do so). In recent years we have begun video taping some services and providing DVD copies to our families.

NOW through live-steaming and on-demand viewing, hundreds more people than we could seat in our funeral home or in any church in the area, can now attend our services. More importantly, some very special people can now attend who would otherwise have missed out. Talking to families we have served within the first month of providing BOTH live-streaming and on-demand viewing, these stories convinced us of the value of this service:

  • A young soldier was able to be "present" at his grandmother's funeral;
  • A 92 year old sister in a care facility 1,500 miles away, saw and heard her brother's service and watched her daughter deliver a eulogy;
  • Dear friends in Germany and Japan experienced the funeral from several continents away.
  • Co-workers in Flordia, Texas and Colorado shared in the service of a friend.
  • Family members, touched by the unexpected tributes of friends were able to see and hear them again and again - days later.
  • Family members needing the spiritual comfort of feeling like they were in church, sharing the prayers, commuion and comforting words of their priest and pastor were able to experience it again.
  • All of them discovered that with the on-demand viewing, they could fast forward through the service to see and hear the special moments that meant the most to them.

In the future we will add our full length tribute videos (75 to over 100 photos with music, captions and poetry) and some of our other photo-memorial products and services for viewing as well as download and purchase. We would be glad to hear your thoughts, requests and comments as we develop these new services.

We hope you find this new service helpful and we would be grateful for any comments or suggestions you care to share. Please feel free to e-mail us at: Info@conleycare.com or conleycare@sbcglobal.net.


Ben Conley and Staff

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