Natalie Melanson

Date of Birth

Dec 30,1943

Date of Death

Nov 24,2017

Natalie Melanson nee Somalik, 73, of Elburn, passed away after a battle with cancer surrounded by the love and prayers of her little family. Natalie was born on December 30, 1943 in Chicago, IL to proud parents Jerry and Clara (Weidenfeller) Somalik. After schooling, Natalie decided to live the California dream and spent years as a waitress where she met famous actors and served many elite clientele until she decided the star life wasn’t for her and moved back to Illinois in 1999 where she started working at the Geneva Home Depot. During that time, she was Front-End Supervisor, Head Cashier and Department Manager of Paint. Little did she know, Natalie would meet the love of her life in those many aisles, John Melanson. In three years, they tied the knot on August 16, 2002 in Geneva, IL. Natalie’s smile always brightened up the room immediately after her entrance and her laughter was contagious. No one could keep a frown for long once they knew she was on their shift. Natalie loved everyone she worked with, Home Depot was her family. She was a positive role model and helped countless associates with anything from personal problems, listening and offering advice to those that would open up to her, and even developed new roles for associates at her Home Depot. Just seeing her in the aisles or at her desk in the paint section would put a smile on your face. Natalie always had the latest funny story in her life to entertain you any time you spoke to her. It was never a dull day when Natalie was around. She was a mentor for the new Department Supervisors and was instrumental in helping them grow into their current positions. Natalie was also the store’s In-Focus Captain always making sure her store was happy and safe for employees and customers. She was very proud of her many accomplishments and the family she built while being in Paint and the Front-End Supervisor. No task was too hard for Natalie to accomplish. One of her tasks, as the Front-End Supervisor, was to win the Cashier Olympics for the district. Natalie was the best motivator around; her store would always accomplish the task with flying colors and beat the other stores in the district. She couldn’t have been more proud of her wonderful Home Depot family. Natalie also had many proud moments as Department Head of Paint. In Paint, they would have many goals to achieve and always came out on top as the first in the district and the company. Natalie and her team were first in the district with 21% Gallon Penetration, 116 gallons of Marquee paint sold, the first in the company with a whopping 38% Gallon Penetration out of 1,980 stores and again the first in the district for 27% Gallon Penetration and 117 gallons of Marquee paint sold. When Natalie wasn’t at her second home defeating the competition, she was at home in her garden where she loved her many flowers. Natalie also liked to collect elephants; she believed they were a sign of good luck. She must have always had an elephant up her sleeve or tucked away in a pocket to bring luck to her Home Depot family. Natalie was a very generous person, whether through donating to charities or sharing some luck. She donated to many organizations including the Paralyzed Veterans of America, AMVETS, The Humane Society and to the National Shrine of St. Jude * Claretian Missionaries in Chicago, IL. Natalie was close to her faith in God and she believed in Angels being all around us. One thing was for certain, she loved her Home Depot Family and they loved her. They believe she was their guardian angel and will continue to watch over them in Heaven. Natalie will be deeply missed, but will always be in their hearts.

Natalie is survived by her loving husband, John Melanson; one sweet pup Max; two cats Sampson and Delilah; her “adopted daughter” Andrea Bonnell and her Home Depot Family.

Natalie is preceded in death by her parents, Jerry and Clara Somalik.

A celebration of Natalie’s life will be held on Thursday, December 14, 2017 at Conley Funeral Home, 106 W. Pierce St., Elburn, IL 60119. Visitation with her family will be held from 4-6 p.m.

A celebration of Natalie’s life will be held on Thursday, December 14, 2017 at Conley Funeral Home, 106 W. Pierce St., Elburn, IL 60119. Visitation with her family will be held from 4-6 p.m.

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