Noah Willis

Date of Birth

Apr 13,2012

Date of Death

Sep 27,2015

Noah Samuel Willis was born to great fanfare and anticipation at Delnor Hospital on April 13, 2012, carrying on the family tradition of being born on a Friday the 13th, just like his “Opa”. His loving parents, Samuel James and Christina Lynn (Fuchs) Willis couldn’t have been more proud but that was nothing compared to barely controlled excitement of his big sister Lauren. Even the nurses could tell this boy was something special and remarked how Noah would go full bore all day long and could go from zero to sixty in nothing flat. Despite a rocky beginning, Noah was a fighter (and one that fought in the heavy weight division at 8lbs and 11 ounces!). He kept his family on their toes to be sure but before long the family made their way home to Geneva.
From the very beginning Noah had a big appetite and wasn’t shy about asking for more. The only thing that Noah felt closer to than his next meal was his big sister Lauren who could make him smile and laugh faster than anyone else. That bond would only prove to grow stronger as time went on and became the foundation for a relationship like no other. The outdoors held a special attraction to Noah and called to him constantly where he could truly be a quintessential boy: loud, proud and full of energy and adventure, He was a “spitfire” as evidenced by his slide down the stairs at only 11 months. Noah loved to follow dad around the house, carrying tools, swimming, and playing in his sandbox was also a favorite. A day never went by without finding Noah sprawled out on his floor, surrounded by all his matchbox cars in perfect lines. The neighborhood park was a favorite destination but nothing held a candle to the taste of Skittles. His determination belied his size but no one had a bigger heart or a softer hug. He wore his heart on his sleeve and was fully authentic “full on Noah” all the time. Music called to his heart as well. Noah loved singing, dancing and playing any instrument he could get his hands on. In short, Noah was a like a shooting star, but like any celestial event, his life was bright and beautiful but painfully short. March 13 of 2015 brought his biggest challenge of all. Noah was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a special type of brain cancer that affects little more than one in a million children. Noah approached his cancer like any other obstacle, and his shining light never dimmed, despite daily physical, speech, and occupation therapy in addition to his high intensity chemo therapy and countless blood transfusions. Noah used all the strength he possessed to combat the cancer and never ever gave an inch. Later he was diagnosed with Focal Epilepsy which was discovered following his first chemotherapy treatment but even then, Noah never blinked. All told, over half of the last six months of life was lived in one hospital environment or another. Noah never complained, never asked why, and was such a great person and patient, the doctors and nurses fought amongst themselves for who got treat him. A fighter to the end, Noah surpassed all expectations and never failed to touch the hearts of anyone who met him. In the last months, Noah still would try and keep up with his big sister, always trying to do everything like she did. In fact, a part of the reason he fought so long can be attributed in part to that very special bond he shared with Lauren. Noah finally got to go home and leave the doctors, nurses and hospitals behind on September 14th, but this homecoming was different. Now, instead of a new beginning, the end was now in sight. Still, Noah approached it the way he did everything, without hesitation or fear. In the end, the cancer broke his fragile body, but it could never diminish his spirit. He was born back to Heaven, Sunday, September 27, 2015, while surrounded by countless prayers and the purest love of family and friend. Noah’s spirit is and always will be celebrated with every memory, every smile and every story. A legend in his own time, Noah will forever live in the hearts of those who loved him and will never be forgotten.

He is survived by his loving parents, Sam and Christina; His big sister extraordinaire, Lauren; His Opa and Nana, Bill and Darlene Fuchs; Grammy and “Grand-paw”, Ruth and John Willis; His Uncle Matt and Auntie Clara; Uncle Stephen Fuchs; cousins, Trevor and Jonathon Willis; and his stuffed animal and “snuggle buddy” Opi (Fox and Sox) and a community of friends, doctors, nurses and even strangers that were touched by his life of struggle, strength and determination through CaringBridge.Org, Facebook, Prayer Chains and plain old word of mouth the entire world over.

Memorial donation can be made directly to these trusted organizations that mirror Noah’s strength and determination in battling cancer.
Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation at:
Pediatric Cancer Foundation at:
American Childhood Cancer Organization at:

Tributes may be forwarded to or also on the Conley Funeral Home Facebook Page.

Visitation will be from 8-11a.m., with a service to remember Noah to follow, on Saturday, October 3, 2015, at Christ Community Church, 37W100 Bolcum Rd, St. Charles, IL 60175. Pastor Jamison Ross will officiate.

Private family interment will follow the service.

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