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These are comments that were shared with us personally, through the Illinois Funeral Director Association Surveys, Google, Yelp!, and Yahoo Reviews. Those who shared their names and permission are listed with their comments. Those who wish to maintain their privacy in an online forum will be listed as "Family We Have Served."

"At is what often the most difficult time in your life, the entire staff at Conley funeral home envelops you in the most gentle, loving and respectful manner. I cannot say enough about how amazing Conley Funeral Home is and how they bring such peace and comfort to everyone they work with."

Laura Ryan

"A group of the best people. This is not work for them. Helping people is just what they do. "

Jeff Hickman

"Best and only place. I would recommend to family, friends and colleagues in Kane county."

Chick Munson

"A true funeral HOME. The staff is caring and accommodating. Precise and accurate on the details. The displays and photo video were very nicely done. Our loved one looked great. The funeral director Ben is amazing with children. I was very impressed overall."

Neil Turecek

"I've been to my share of funerals. This business is run by some of the most compassionate people I have ever met. "

Molly M.

"...Ben was the consumate professional and very caring and compassionate. The Conley's were able to understand, visualize and execute the families wishes down to the last detail. Thier efforts to assist us in honoring John's memory were second to none. I am very greatful to Ben and his associates in caring for us through this difficult time. "

William Lorenz

"I am one of the papnick extended family i was able to attend the funeral as well as be with the immediate family during the planning. Ben was the consummate professional and vey caring and compassionate. the Conley's were able understand visualize and execute the families wishes down to the last detail. their efforts to assist us in honoring Johns memory were second to none. i am very grateful to Ben and his associates in caring for us through this difficult time."

William Lorenz

"This funeral home is HANDS DOWN the best in the area...they are really great people with huge hearts. God bless.."

Georgia O.

"Great care and respect is given by true professionals. "

Charles Munson

"Our family has gone to Conley's for generations. When we lose a loved one, Conley's is home. When I lost both of my brothers in less than six months time, I was comforted to know that Ben was there to guide us through every step of the way. Their compassion is genuine and it shows in everything they do. "

Missi Lewis

"I have known the Conley's (Bruce & Ben) almost my entire life. I've had the pleasure of knowing them personally and professionally. As an RN, I've seen Conley's take great care of family's loved ones they've lost. Conley's ALWAYS treats that person as well as the family as if they were thier own. Gentle, patient and kind, every experience I've had with Conley's has been amazing....I ONLY gave them five starts because there isn't an option to give Conley's 100 stars. Wonderful, genuine, caring, emotional support and the greatest care and respect given to your loved one is what you can expect from Conley's!"

Jacque Herrmann

"Great folks who truly care about the people they serve. "

Scott H.

"The service Conley Funeral Home provides is exemplary. Planning a memorial for a loved one was handled with absolute kindness and sensitivity. Family and friends were welcomed to a personalized memorial in a warm, comfortable setting. Mementos were set up throughout the funeral home and handled with tremendous care. The genuine sincerity of Mr. Conley and his staff is outstanding."

Nancy Sells

"I have attended 2 services at Conley Funeral Home in the past 7 months, one being my Dad's. Ben Conley and his staff were very compassionate and took great care in displaying all my Dads momentos. They took their own pictures off the wall and replaced them with his paintings. They set up as much of my Dads handmade items as we brought to them. They have a very nice kitchen in the lower level along with an area for the kids with a pool table and video games. At the end of the service, Ben released a dove in my Dads honor. That was something I have never seen done before. It meant a lot to our family. I would highly recommend Conley's to anyone looking for that personal touch with a very comfortable homelike setting."

Yvonne Applegate

"Conley's r the most caring and compassionate people I know and r truly God's helpers. Have dealt with them for many years and they have always remained the caring comforting and loving people I know. They care for the deceased as one of their own with tenderness and respect. when u walk into Conley's it is like walking into a warm and friendly home. I cannot say enough about these wonderful people. God bless u all and thank u for being u."

Sandy Haring

"Conley Funeral Home has taken care of my family and friends for decades. I knew Bruce Conley to be a soft spoken, compassionate man that truly cared for the community as his family. When Ben took over, it didn't take long to realize he has the same compassion, love and respect towards everyone he meets. "

Jeff Herra

"I was a family member responsible for the planning and implementation of the service that Chrissy Papnick attended. Conley was specifically chosen for the warmth and professionalism of the staff and the fact that it was small and homey. My dad had simple tastes and this homelike atmosphere allowed guests to be comfortable visiting with one another and sharing their memories. Mr. Conley and his staff executed the service exactly as was requested and were very considerate, patient and kind with my family during the planning and preparation of my Dad's service The staff at Conley remained considerate of the fact that the weeks leading up to the service had been very grueling on our family and that we were physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted and did not wish linger after the memorial. "

Kellie Sikora

"I've dealt with Conley Funeral Home on several different occasions- everything from the sudden and unexpected death of a close friend in school, to the death of an elderly grandparent. The entire staff goes above and beyond in the most difficult of times. Ben continues to carry on the great legacy of this family. He was amazing at discussing death, the funeral, burial, etc with my children and patiently answering all of thier questions. "

Andrea Williams

"I am a family member of the Papnick family. I also was there during the planning process and the funeral itself. I have had the unfortunate experience of several family funerals in the past 3 years. I have to tell you that this place was the most kind and very accommodating. They were just like family. The place was the funeral directors father's house long ago, he even shared that with us. At the beginning of the time spent there he came out and told all that were there that they kept this place modest so that all would feel comfortable. He shared that they even had a place in the basket for kids and anyone who wanted to just hang out. If we needed anything they would get it for us. Even a pizza or a big mac. The place was beautiful inside. The presentation of the memorials of pictures and items we on display for all to see more then 2 hours before the actual service began. "


"Conley Funeral Home has a lot of compassion and they make a painful process a smoother transition....I would highly recommend them to take care of your burial needs. "

Amy P.

"...detailed oriented with compassion and are there for the family and friends of the loved one who passed! Even down to the children! Love that you explain all the details to the kids of what's happening! You also have stuff for the kids to do downstairs!"

Debbie Schultz

"My mother, after going through hospice training and touring the funeral home in the process, specifically asked us to have her arrangements taken care of by Conley. She was greatly impressed by the care they took and the respect they gave in all aspects of their business. To their staff, it is definitely not just a business at all. My mother was absolutely correct. Upon her death we had Conley Funeral Home handle the arrangements and they went far above and beyond our expectations. I truly cannot say enough good things about these people and the services they provide. They are truly a godsend! Our family has been very thankful to them for their services and exceptional care for my mother and all of our family and friends before, during and after the funeral. It was a joy to work with them in a time that was so difficult. They really are amazing!"

Stephanie Phelan

"Conley's is above all others. My family has used them countless times. They will go above and beyond to make the difficult time of losing a loved one a little bit easier!! They very willingly moved my grandma's visitation to an off location to accommodate the 2,000-3,000 people who attended. Such wonderful hospitality!!! Conley's the one and only to help celebrate the life of a passed loved one!!!"

Melanie Scawinski

"Every aspect of my grandfather's service and wake was beautifully done. John and staff took good care of our family and my Poppa. The location was comforting and allowed family and friends to pay their respects and share their stories of life with Poppa. The kids had a comfortable family space downstairs. Thank you Conley"

Rachel Anne

"I have a very large family and have known the Conley family all of my life. The Conleys have walked us through many deaths over the years with kindness and love. When we lost our 24 year old daughter on Christmas Day 2013 there was no question that Conleys would be the ones to take care of our sweet daughter's funeral. Ben arrived at our home that afternoon to take our daughter. One of the most difficult moments of our lives was watching her body leave the home she lived in all of her life. Ben and (director) along with their staff, cared for us with love and compassion that day and for months after. I can't imagine letting anyone else take care of our daughter's funeral. "

Loretta Hatch