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For over thirty-five years, Conley Funeral Home has been welcoming students of all ages for educational tours and teaching programs at local schools, churches and at the funeral home itself. The following pictures give you a "camera's eye view" of just a few of these gatherings.

Over the years, we've learned that kids cope better with a loss when they're familiar with the funeral home and when they know what's going on with customs like visitation, funerals, burial, and cremation. Many young people on our tours were recently bereaved, facing serious illness in their family or unexpectedly faced a sudden death within the same year. Students always have the choice of not coming or stepping out of the group with their teacher if they become overwhelmed. In retrospect, children tell us the tour really helped them understand things better. Most found also, that their friends were more understanding because everyone shared this experience.

2nd Grade: The second-grade tour is brief and focuses on comfort and knowing what to do at the funeral home, including, being a pallbearer.

6th Grade: The sixth-grade tour takes the kids further into understanding grief and funeral customs. We visit the school to get acquainted with the classes, answer questions and explain that the funeral is "first aid for grief". When the sixth grade comes to tour the funeral home, we show them caskets, vaults and monuments, explain funeral arrangements and choices such as different music, creative memories and the basic facts of burial and cremation.

We also support religious education in area churches by providing special tours for church classes. Here we help pastors and youth leaders as their students grapple with the spiritual questions that surround death and grief.

We proud of our history of partnering with various hospice classes so that we can work better hand in hand when serving the needs of the same family.

In addition, we have also been invited to speak at high school classes at Kaneland, Batavia and Central Schools (among others) If you would like more information, just call or drop us a line through this website or at info@conleycare.com.