Burial, Cremation, & More

Many people have a sense of what they want for themselves or what they believe a loved one would choose, but they don’t have enough information to be sure. We take the time to explain things and to discuss what different options may mean to you. Regardless of your choice, we are prepared to help you and honor the wishes of your loved one, as well as guide you through your grief.

Choose Burial, Cremation, Entombment, or Donation

These four choices have many options and combinations. We hope the following explanations will help make your decision not only easier but also more informed.

A pastor performing a funeral.


Traditional Burial is usually accompanied by one night of visitation with a service and burial the following day.

One Day Burial will allow you to experience everything in a traditional service but confines its duration to one day.

Next Day Burial gives you a combination of the previous two choices, but rearranges portions to better fit the schedule of some families. A Next Day Burial is unique in that the visitation and service occur together in one evening. The burial will commence the next day when everyone meets directly at the cemetery.

Tombstones in a graveyard.


Many people don’t realize that there is more than one option when it comes to cremation. Although Direct Cremation may be the simplest of the alternatives, some of these other options can provide your favorite traditional elements.

Direct Cremation is the simplest of the alternatives, but also the barest. With this option, the funeral home will assist with the cremation without any services. There is no embalming required.

Memorial Service includes the elements of direct cremation, but offers the option of a service with or without the cremated remains present. Many times families borrow elements from traditional services such as visitation prior to the memorial service and an option for burial following the service or at a later time. There is no embalming required.

Traditional Cremation combines all the elements of a traditional visitation with open-casket viewing, but instead of going to the cemetery following the services, cremation will take place. This option can mimic any one of the three burial options above. Embalming is required for public, open-casket services.

A cremation urn.


This option fits with any collection of services and only speaks to the fact that burial happens above ground in a niche (cremation) or mausoleum crypt (burial).


This option encompasses the act of donating your whole body to science and does not speak to donating certain portions of your body, such as bone and tissue only. Donating your body to science requires specific authorizations and instructions and a specialized embalming for long-term preservation. Most donations aren’t used to further current studies in science, but to teach students at various universities across the country. Once all education has been concluded, the remains are then cremated and sent directly the family or the funeral director.

Make it Memorable

No matter what you have chosen, make it your own. Allow us to help you think of ways to make this service unique. You are most welcome to use the funeral home or your church but also think about alternative sites such as outdoor services in a park, your estate, or other venues. You can also personalize caskets, vaults, urns, picture displays, DVDs, music, flowers and more. The personalization is limited only by your imagination!